At Tiger Foods, we recognize that by working collaboratively, across our entire supply chain with relevant associations,  businesses, and organizations, we can surpass challenges in a more efficient and mutually beneficial manners.


For so many years, Tit-Bit Foods has been making spices with the same love and care that goes into their uses across India and increasingly abroad.

The company which supplies most of our imported spices has its world-class manufacturing and testing equipment in a sprawling 44,000square-foot complex in Mumbai. This is where India’s treasure spices go through special processes to emerge “22-carat” spices.

The guidelines of Spice Board of India are strictly adhered to, and the international standards are followed every step of the way. Nothing escapes this uncompromising guardian of quality. Only one thing excites them: excellence!

Together with Tit-Bit we have built several years of partnership with deep mutual commitments.

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Founded in 2006, Symega is in the business of developing and manufacturing food ingredients and blended seasonings for the food processing industry. Though focused on India, Symega also caters to the food processing industries globally. With a reputation in the market for quick response, flexibility and sound working relationships with customers, Symega is synonymous with food ingredients. Our Total Quality Management systems ensure product quality and food safety with constant attention on product improvement. Over the years, Symega has been able to establish a strong position in the food ingredients business owing to a stable foundation built on the following attributes:

  • Strong customer relationships
  • Dedicated and responsive customer support
  • Innovative Research and Development programmes
  • Fully integrated manufacturing processes
  • Proficient and vibrant team
  • International food certifications

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