Research and Development

Behind Tiger Foods Limited is an exceptional R & D support for product development, manufacturing, and brand strategy driven by a passion for flavor.
More so, we have been at the forefront of spices and value-added food ingredients introduction in Nigeria, in recent years. We have also achieved relevance and deep market penetration with our brands.

We are working with the Raw Materials Research and Development Council, Abuja, under the Federal Ministry of Science & Technology, Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture and Other Private Research Groups to promote our local spices and food ingredients through the resuscitation of endangered products and value addition to commonly available agricultural products. Our close collaborations with all these agencies have helped us to achieve:

a. Utilization of the services of national and international research institutes/organizations for developing local spice products/applications or for establishing traditional and non-traditional values on common food ingredients in Nigeria.

b. In-house research programs with sufficient infrastructural facilities.

c. Clinical trials to establish and validate therapeutic properties of local spices through reputed third parties.

d. Market Trend Research with the ability to attract new customers and win customers interest in local products, strengthening new products and developing new technology to constantly improve the company’s competitiveness in the domestic and international market.