Oha Soup; An irresistible delicacy

Have you had a taste of this delicacy? The eastern part of Nigeria enjoys this delight. It’s called either Oha or Ora soup. The presence of Vegeta Cocoyam Flour makes it very easy to prepare. Rumour has it; Oha leaves shredded with a knife makes the soup taste bitter. Although we cut the vegetable with our hands, however, it doesn’t prove the myth is true. Let’s head to Tiger Kitchen quickly, foodies are hungry😂

Oha leaves 3 cups(shredded)
Uziza leaves
Assorted Meats 11/2 kg
Vegeta Cocoyam Flour
Dry fish
Ground Crayfish
Tiger Chilli Pepper Powder
Ogiri (Locust Bean)
Larsor Beef Seasoning
Palm oil
Salt to taste

1. Wash and season the meats with Tiger Chilli Pepper powder, Larsor Beef Seasoning and Salt. Add stockfish and dry fish, when the beef is almost ready.
2. Add Ogiri (locust bean), ground crayfish, and Palm oil.
3. Mix Vegeta Cocoyam Flour with a little warm water to form a thick paste. Then scoop into the mix and cook on medium heat for 5-10 minutes to thicken the soup.
4. Afterwards, add Uziza leaf, cook a bit before adding Oha leaves. Serve with any swallow of your choice.

Ps: Oha Leaves are very soft and tender; bring down your soup almost immediately after adding the leaves.

Prepare this delicious recipe and share your twist on the comment section.

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