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Spices and Herbs

Tiger brings a wide range of high-quality, authentic spices and aromatic herbs to your table to make an amazingly delicious meal. Our SKU comes in the form of more than 30 varieties of spices, mixed blends, and aromatic herbs.

Curry Powder

5gms & 100gms

Nutmeg Powder

5gms & 100gms

Curry Masala

5gms & 250gms



Larsor brings you moments of delight with delicious flavour and taste experiences; a chance to transform your food and own it


100gms & 10gms


100gms & 10gms


100gms & 10gms


Spices and Herbs


125gms only

Curry Powder

100gms & 5gms

Nutmeg Powder

5gms only


Dehydrated Vegetables

Vegeta dry-cut products are delicious, pre-washed vegetables for easy cooking, snacking, or salad preparation. Vegeta quality assurance starts with the freshest produce, processed with state-of-art cutting, washing, drying, and packaging technology. This quality system that starts with the raw materials gatherings includes thorough washing, resulting in read-to-eat, out-of-the-bag products.

Shallot Flakes

100gms & 250gms

Onion Flakes

100gms & 250gms

Cocoyam Flour

100gms only



Tiger Beverages is a household name in high-quality water beverages ranging from the finest sparkling wines (also presented in cans) to exquisite liqueurs, and old spirits.

Our collections painstakingly picked from across Europe, depict rare quality. We stop at nothing to also ensure that our products are wholesome for consumption.

We boast about our customer service delivery. This has endeared us to most key malls and supermarkets across Nigeria; emphasizing our reach and availability.

D'angelus Rose

Alc: vol. 10%

Angel Wine

non alcoholic

Stumbra Starka

Alc: vol. 43%