Tiger Foods is ready to take your ambitious concept from the idea board to the productions line. Custom Blends and Spices Take a decision today to beautify your dishes with so much goodness your consumers will gladly accept Seasoning for Tasty Meal Driven by an exceptional in-house R&D support for product development, manufacturing, and brand strategy INNOVATIVE! Processing capacity of 6,500 metric tons of raw materials annually Capacity and Capability A collection of full-bodied and enjoyable wines and spirits Discover Something Incredible

Introducing the company

Some word about us

Born out of a passion for amazing foods, flavors, and food ingredients.

Tiger Foods is tireless in staying abreast of innovation, product development, and consumer trends.

We recognize that by working collaboratively, across our entire supply chain with relevant associations, businesses, and organizations, we can surpass challenges in a more efficient and mutually beneficial manners.

Tiger Foods Limited was born out of a passion for amazing foods and food ingredients. It evolved from a one-woman catering business until it was incorporated as a limited liability company in 1996.

We are a company that strives for perfection. We believe in giving our consumers the highest quality products possible as well as excellent customer service. To do that, we provide the highest quality ingredients from premier sources all over the world. We have spent more than three decades developing innovative products that make good food even better.

We provide spices, flavorings, and proprietary blends for foodservice distributors, manufacturers, and restaurants across the nation. We have developed five brands that are essential to the success of our customers and our company.

We provide a brand that meets every need from big-time distributors to a new beginning chef in the kitchen.

At Tiger Foods, we are tireless in staying abreast of innovation, product development, and consumer trends.

Why Tiger Foods
Tiger Foods has the capacity to deliver full range of bulk spices and food ingredients to B2B customers.

Size of Facility
Square foot

Processing Capacity
Metric tons of raw material annually

Direct Workforce
0 plus
of highly trained and certified staff

Ethos and Philosophy



We fully-embrace our Mission, Vision, and Values. We understand our task, regardless of how minor, is critical to achieving our larger purpose, and that by fully-embracing and executing on our mission and vision that we will be rewarded.


To become Africa's leading foods manufacturing company focused on gaining market leadership through innovative products, operational excellence and strategic partnerships.


To influence food ingredients trend by continuously providing wholesome products that add tangible value and excitement to family dishes towards facilitating business sustainability.