For more than 2 decades, Tiger Foods Limited has been very active in the distribution and marketing of Spices, Aromatic herbs, Seasonings, Dehydrated Vegetables, and Beverages in Nigeria and some West African countries. An independent family business with genuine business value which serves a whole lot of customers that cut across fast – food chains, noodles, pasta, bakery and catering industries as well as households.

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About Us

Tiger Foods Ltd is influencing ingredients trend in Nigeria, by continuously providing the means, strategies and products that add value & excitement to family foods and offers quality products that…..Read More


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With a wide distribution network in Nigeria, Tiger Foods enjoys a close working relationship, and which benefits from its support and expertise. Our distribution strategy is based on……..Read More


The company modern processing facility situates at Obosi, Anambra State. It includes an air and humidity controlled production halls, offices, and……Read More


Tiger Foods Ltd. invites professionals who are passionate about what they do, with adequate experience / exposure in the food & beverages industry…….Read More



At Tiger Foods, we recognize that by working collaboratively, across our entire supply chain with relevant associations,  businesses and organizations, we can …..Read More