Child Disciplinary Measures; To flog or Not to Flog?

Age-long tradition has always recognized that corporal punishment was the most effective form of child discipline. Using canes, hands, rulers etc, parents/teachers were believed to be able to get children who broke rules back on track. This disciplinary measure was put in place to facilitate learning, build character, reduce or even eliminate indiscipline and unwanted behavioral pattern. When children remembers that they’d be flogged, they compulsorily make it a point of duty to take instructions, complete their assignments, keep quiet in classes, attend assembly, prep and obey all the school rules and regulations. While some see corporal punishment as appropriate, others see it as an abuse and a violation of children’s rights.
In recent times, stakeholders in education have condemned the use of canes, hands, paddle, to mention but few, in schools because it is out of proportion, as the then teachers misused and abused the corporal punishment disciplinary measures. “They go flog pikin, comot en eye join” 😁😁The stakeholders opined that instead of using canes, hands, on children, teachers should adopt the following measures:  Praise and Blame, Deprivation of Privilege, Moral Punishment, Suspension or Temporary Exclusion, Rewards, Exclusion or Expulsion, Appropriate School Leaving Theory and Educational Philosophy, Detention and Positive Approach.
In recent times, teachers have cited that the above modern disciplinary measures in Nigeria have worsened the character and the behavior of students. Does this mean that the modern method is not effective or is that it is not correctly implemented? This hike in indiscipline is common, especially in private secondary schools where school owners have mandated the student to report any teacher who punished them in any way, they find uncomfortable. There have been reports that these students lackadaisically manage their school tasks, smoke cigarettes, disrespect their teachers, make noise in the class, dress inappropriately, practice premarital sex in school and go scot-free because, c’mon, teachers do not flog them. We have also heard stories of parents bringing security agents to the school to arrest their ward’s teachers when punished. Sadly, many teachers have turned prey to their students. They claim to have gradually lost their value, even inside the school environment.
On the flip side, some parents claim to use the modern approach to discipline and swear by its effectiveness, while others combine both corporal and modern disciplinary measures. We are curious, has the new methods effectively set children on the right path? Are they implemented as they should?
What method of discipline should be used on our children?
Do you still believe in “spare the rod and spoil the child?” 
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Marian ogiriki November 13, 2022

Omoh! Na as my mama train me, I go also train my kids oh..pikin nor go spoil for my hand...I use modern day method too,but mamas method (cane)works the molding make me who I be today,so I will do same to my kids when they misbehave for teachers flogging kids at school,I don't like that for any can make a child loose interest in school and class activities and can't relate well with the teacher..#My2Cent

    Admin November 15, 2022

    Thank you for your comment Marian.

Uzoka Godwin November 15, 2022

I believe on spare the rod and spoil the child because bible says, He that spareth his rod hate his son, you can also add other punishment like sit on the air or jump like frog but while doing this you must apply wisdom.

    Admin November 16, 2022

    Thank you Uzoka for your comment

Amarachi Alieze November 18, 2022

Disciplining a child is a must but everything should come in moderation. It also varies with the child in quote, never use the same template you used for another child for the other. Disciple with love

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